Sports fashion and Equipment

We offer high-quality clothing, textiles and accessories matching technical specifications in cooperation with the sports brand. We also aim to satisfy specific demands from our clients, such as sports equipment, apparel, etc. We always amplify and renew our portfolio of brands, with new entries, to satisfy customer needs.



The company is run by professionals, with over 10 years of experience, in wholesale and retail sportswear, textile, footwear, and accessories. We have a well-trained team of freelance salesmen and ambassadors with a direct approach to companies, clubs, institutions, offering our products at competitive prices and providing excellent service.



Catalog goods from our partners are always available from stock at short notice. The branded apparel we offer raises awareness of its name and image, both at work and in free time.



Our direct sales ensure reasonable prices, and as we only deal with well-known brands, there is no compromise with either price or quality.

Sports fashion and Equipment

Direct Sales

SPORT & FASHION DIRECT only deals with sports clubs, institutions, and large companies. Contact one of our sales staff for a cooperation agreement. The agreement may have built-in sponsorships, bonus systems, or direct arrangements with one or more of our suppliers. We ensure that you get the best service and guaranteed delivery at a very favorable price.


We offer you the latest collections of our partners at special rates. Order from the current online store or visit our retail shops or you can tell us your wishes, and we put together the corresponding group individually for your coaches or team. From the inquiry over the personal consultation and design development up to the final solution, order processing, and to the dispatch you get Sports & Fashion Direct offers you the complete service. On request, we will gladly store your goods or pick your shipments according to your specifications.


We work with high added value brands and products through our excellent knowledge of footwear and apparel market. We deliver the highest level of customer service and care about brand positioning in the market. Our sales network with over 50+ active clients ranges from independent retailers to chains of sportswear and apparel stores to department stores and web shops.



We help individuals and teams access the top-notch athletic gear tailored for their activities to push harder and inspire others through their achievements and motivation.

What is the Lions Gate
Brand Ambassador

The Lions Gate’s Program is devoted to the development of athletes in their own Performance Energy Cycle. Performance Energy Cycle (PEC) is for everyone, every sport, any level and it is based on three fundamentals that Lions Gate addresses with specific solutions:







We only offer a selected limited number of seats in our ambassador programs to athletes (regardless of your level) and teams. You might want to be an ambassador, but the question is: Do you have the power it takes to be one of them?

  • You think that sport and wellness are a way of life.
  • You are passionate about sharing your sports experience and knowledge.
  • You want to be part of a new generation of athletes.
  • You know how to use social media and have a consistent number of followers.

If your answer to these is yes, then you’re in the right place.

What are the
advantages and
perks of being a
Lionsgate ambassador?


Exclusive Ambassador Welcome Pack (adapted to your sport and renewable each year if contract is upheld).


At the Onset: 10% coupon and 15% commission on each sale from your code.


At the Onset: 10% coupon When you reach the first tier of sales volume* (to be defined based on the number of followers): 12% coupon and 8% commission on each sale from your code.sale from your code.


When you reach the top tier of sales volume* (to be defined based on the number of followers): 15% coupon and 10% commission on each sale from your code.


15% discount on your personal purchases (conditions provided as you progress in the screening stages).

*Rates will be reset each year to keep your motivation at a high level!

Lionsgate Sports Ambassadors will:


Help promote a healthy lifestyle in communities through company brands


Work with coaches and sports technology physical development


Attend events, such as award nights with our PE coordinators.


Organize competitions within gyms, i.e.,, designing healthy living posters


Help encourage others to become involved in sports and competitions


Wear a special ambassador badge so they can be recognized around communities


Have a role in the Celebration Assembly

Collaboration and Sponsorships

As time goes on, Sports Events grows bigger and bigger, infiltrating more industries and more lives. An interesting aspect of this is the cultural scene, where creativity and community flourish; sports has become amalgamated with various subcultures such as music and art. The game’s ability to transcend sport and influence society showcases its true power – something which continues to grow in strength.

Collaboration in Sports

The sports commission world has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Ten years ago there were roughly 100 members of the National Association of Sports Commissions, today there are more than 500. As the sports tourism landscape has become more competitive, and resources have become harder to come by, many sports commissions are leading new and creative partnerships.


As leaders of our organizations during trying economic times, we are all searching for new and effective ways to do more with less. The need to truly leverage resources and exploit the expertise of our partners has never been as important as it is today. In order to get all that we can from the assets and relationships we each have, a collaborative mentality must prevail. A famous researcher once defined a leader as one “who creates a unified purpose of the team regardless of individual aspirations”. This is what we must do for our organizations to make a difference in our communities. We must set aside singular goals for the greater good, all the time, every day.

We must not treat leadership as a thing, but view it as a series of relationships. As the custodians of sports for our communities, we must take heed of Burns theory of transformational leadership. Relationships are critical to future success and more specifically, our fortunes will be enhanced through collaborations that decrease redundancies, allowing us to stretch the income, and grow our businesses. This will, in turn, enhance the Quality Of Life in our communities.

The coming year will provide each of us with the opportunity to partner. Windows will open to join forces with others to benefit for our cities and our organizations. New out of the box concepts will arise that could change the face of our communities. The question we must ask ourselves as leaders is this: when these opportunities arise, will we have the relationships necessary to be part of Saudi Vision 2030.