The key to Lions Gate’s ability to run
complex and scaled projects is our project management methodology.
We focus on being flexible and applying a situation-driven tailored strategy.
We keep things simple and optimal, onboarding trusted subject matter experts as partners and ensuring excellent customer service that focuses on continuous improvement.

We create win-wins by building an All-Star Team

Depending on your requirements, we build a project management strategy that consists of industry professionals and tailored methods. By dealing with Lions Gate, you gain immediate access to your very own team of experts and gain valuable insights and tactics:

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The Coach

Our project managers’ skill set is extensive. They excel in integration, defining and controlling scope, managing time, estimating the cost, ensuring quality, leading people, delivering communications, defining risks, and understanding procurement.

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The Quarterback

Project managers work to prepare for the game (your project), ensuring they know their opponent (challenges and risks). They need to work with their team to lead it to victory; project managers work to manage the clock (balancing your cost, time, and efficiency), ensuring they keep the schedule and target in mind and take a timeout when needed.

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Rules of the Game

We have mastered the “rules of the game” and set them up before the kickoff. We prepare processes, methodologies, and templates that support the project teams and are customized to meet your requirements.

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The Crew

Our crew helps prepare the field for you, assisting our project managers and your team on the ground to ensure that success is met for the whole 9-yards.



It’s essential to have a reliable partner and management that looks for the best options and crafts a strategic plan at the start, during, and after your career. We seek out all opportunities spanning your interests to develop investment choices that maximize your gains and create the best outcome out of your income.



From the start and during your career, we can craft plans that help you achieve your goals as a sport professional and grow as a person. It’s all about personal and financial development.



It’s essential to think about what’s next after your professional career. We support and provide you with the best ways to think about all the different opportunities that would maximize your talent.



Looking for the right opportunities to make the right choices at the right moment in your sports career? Creating a strategic plan is very important to get the maximum out of your passion and profession.


Financial management

Let us help you stay focused—our total Financial Management provides solutions in all financial aspects related to financial cases during and after the career.


Our Investment Portfolio consists of:



Professional sports Academy development and Management



Player Management and Agency Representation



Sportswear and equipment’s related Investments and Projects



Chain of healthy restaurants


Athletes spend their whole careers under constant uncertainty about the future. We bring stability and a systematic approach to athletic careers. Our proven method turns sports professionals into successful business people and provides a fluid transition into a new life.

Athlete Career

Athlete Career Management is an innovative concept for athletes designed to develop their careers while managing life outside of sports. Our service model is based on a dedicated manager and support staff. We help clients with legal matters, branding, sponsorship deals, and finances. Athletes’ careers are limited by time, and we’re helping our clients build a sustainable financial plan for their life after professional sports. Any sport is competitive, and our goal is to enable clients to fully concentrate on their career and development to have an edge – to be a bit stronger, faster, and sharper than the rest.

Scalable Service

  • Athletes at the start of their careers to seasoned professionals
  • Longevity, our clients can become partners in our organization
  • One dedicated contact person, on-demand access
  • Reports and metrics to track our performance

Service Levels to fit your needs

Startup Stage

(for athletes signing first professional contracts)

Growth Stage

(few seasons into a professional career)

Scale Stage

(for athletes at the peak of their careers)

Career As A Business

(includes all five pillars)